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Another improvement to Google+ Notifications

Now it's much easier to tell the difference between when someone adds you to a circle versus when someone you already have in a circle adds you back. Nice work+Kathleen Ko!

As part of the new option to Ignore people that +Olga Wichrowska just announced (, I wanted to let you know about a few other improvements we’re making to Notifications.

First, we think it feels very different to get a notification when someone adds you to a circle and when someone you already have in a circle adds you back. So we’re splitting this up into two different kinds of notifications: Added you on Google+ and Added you back on Google+. We’re making this change in the Notifications menu and on the ‘view all’ Notifications page.

As for Ignore, it’s like saying “I’m not interested” – clicking it means that we hide the notification itself and remove the posts that person is sharing with you from your Incoming stream. We don't notify the person that you've ignored them.

If you want to ignore several people that have added you on Google+, you can click the new Ignore all button in the Notifications menu to ignore them all at once.

And here is the video too.

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