Google Plus Added Group Invitation Link for Mass Invitation

When Google+ was rolled out it was strictly invitation based system and people were drooling to get their hands on this new social networking site. Though every time, I have to enter the Email address manually to invite someone which was quite a task. Anyways here is a good news for all those who have been finding inviting friends one by one tedious.
Today Google plus added a new feature which will let you give link to group of people to join Google+. Though Google plus also imposed a limit of 150 invitations per account. Though this is a useful addition as now you can quickly share link with your group of friends to invite them to Google plus.

How to get link to Invite group of people on Google plus?

Go to your Google plus account and on the right hand side click on Invite friends. On the pop up window you will see link which you can share with a group along with counter. This counter shows the number of invitation left in your account.

Total number of invitation per account is 150, so if you have a big follower base, I suggest you be to be wise when you share the link. I suggest, share the link on your Facebook wall so that you can connect to all your Facebook friends on Google plus.
If you are on Google plus, I would love to connect with you. You can add me here.
It’s good to see that Google plus is actively working on invitations and unlike Google Wave, this time they sending out invitations in time.  Though apart from normal traffic drop, people are loving Google plus.
Do let us know your views on Google+ and have you shared the invitation link on your Facebook wall? Don’t forget to share this post on your Google+ stream.
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