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Google+ Profile Auto-Colorizer Chrome Extension

It may be some time, if ever, that Google+ will allow for customized profiles for their users.  Having said this, if you would like to see other user’s profiles, as well as your own, with different color schemes, then thisChrome extension is certainly one for you.  The Auto-Colorize Extension will shows a different color scheme on each and every profile you view.  The colors are based solely on the more dominant colors of your profile picture.  Wear a blue shirt, and your background will likely be blue.  Lay in a field of daffodils with a red shirt one,  and your profile will appear yellow and red.  Of course, only you, and anyone else with the extension will see these colorful profiles, so it won’t have the same affect as if Google rolled such an option out themselves.
The extension which was created by Justin Ormont has received very nice reviews in the early going, and will function on Facebook as well as Google+. Justin describes the extension as follows:
  • Color Google+ & Facebook w/ Auto-Colorizer. Adds an awesome color scheme to Google+ and Facebook based on your photo.
  • Your picture determines your page’s colors.
  • Bored of the plain colors of Google Plus and Facebook? Each of your friends gets their own great custom color scheme!
  • Visit any profile or photo album on Google+ or Facebook, and the page will change color schemes to perfectly match their photo.
  • Works on all pages of Google Plus and Facebook.
Once again the extension can be downloaded here.
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