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Google+’s New G+ Bar

Users were excited over the new changes, only to have them reverted a couple days later.  Because of the new coding behind the floating Google+ bar, the notifications box became buggy.  This forced Google to revert the changes until a later date. If you have been following developments over the last week or so, you would know that the Google+ bar at the top of all pages has went through quite a few changes over the last several days. 
This weekend however, the floating Google+ bar came back, slightly changed from it’s original form, along with another addition to it’s functionality.  Prior to being revert last week, both the Google+ bar, as well as the gray menu bar beneath it, would float.  If the window, or the user’s screen was too small, however, the gray bar would vanish.  This weekend however, when the floating bar re-emerged, the gray menu bar under it did not have the floating functionality.  Also, to note, if the user’s screen or window is too small, the Google+ bar will not float, in order to best utilize the user’s screen real estate.  The other addition is that when the Google+ bar is clicked while a user is scrolled down on their stream, it will automatically take them back to the top of the stream.
These changes seem to be welcomed additions to the Google+ platform. It looks like Google+ engineers are still hard at work, trying to build in the functionality that users are requesting.

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