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It appears as if Facebook is really taking the Google+ competition seriously. So seriously that they seem to have stopped allowing any ad to be purchased within Facebook that even mentions Google+ by name. The Google+ advertisement ban all started a couple weeks ago, when a man named Michael Lee Johnson decided to advertise his Google+ profile to his friends on Facebook, via their ad system. Johnson was at first warned, and then banned after he ignored the warnings.
Mark Zuckerberg’s company has apparently took this a step further recently. This morning, a Google+ and Facebook user named Anson Alexander, posted the following message on plus with the image below:
I tried to setup a Facebook advertising campaign for the Google+ category on my site.
Advertised it as, “Tutorials, guides, news and information regarding Google+.”
I know Facebook and Google aren’t exactly best buddies but I didn’t even think about the fact that Facebook wouldn’t want me advertising if I’m advertising information regarding a different social media platform then their own.
Here is the response email I received from Facebook:

This shows that likely any advertisement submitted, will be denied by Facebook should it mention Google+ at all. If Google tried this stunt with Facebook advertisements, you would likely see anti-trust lawyers chomping at the bit. This, to me, shows that Facebook fears the new social network, Google+.

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