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Secret business profiles already on Google+?

+Chris Lang posted this news. Remember when a few people got the Games icon and that series of posts spread like wildfire? Well, Google is just smart enough to release little things like this seemingly "on accident" or they do it without mentioning it and then letting the hype build. 

If you go to your profile and try to add a new company under "Employment," you're presented with companies as you type, complete with company logos.

Google was very clear that non-user profiles (business pages) were not to be created when Google+ first launched. Several high profile sites had their profiles disabled, and were forced to use a “real name” in order to be active on the social network. For instance, Mashable was not allowed to have a profile, they had to create one under Pete Cashmore.

So this could be a sign that Google is close to rolling out brand pages… or it could be a feature to help users enter data faster. Either way you can test it by editing your profile and adding a new entry under Employment or Education, or by watching the video below.
New user profile functionality might indicate that Google+ is close to getting brand profiles
+Chris Lang believes these companies that pop up are Business profiles that are already being set up, but have not yet been made public (because Google's business profiles feature hasn't been made public).
and you can watch this video below: