Facebook Panics, Now Blocking Google+ Invite Links?

We all new that Google+ would certainly scare Facebook, at least a little bit.  After all, the largest internet company on the planet, Google, is now competing directly with them.  In the early going, the first few weeks after the Google+ launch, several fan pages for Google+ popped up on Facebook, and people were free to discuss, advertise, and post links about Google’s new social network.  Slowly this has changed, coming to a head earlier this morning.
At first Facebook began disabling any ads which promoted Google+.  Sure, although it’s certainly a suspicious move, one that I could never see Google making in their ad framework, I guess it could have been somewhat expected.  Today however, several people have been trying to provide their Google+ invite link to their friends on Facebook by posting the link in their streams.  There’s a major problem though.  Although the link appears to be placed within one’s wall, friends apparently can not see the link in their streams.  We are not 100% certain that this is the case for everyone, however, there is proof the issue does exist in the video below.

The problem here isn’t only that Facebook is blocking links to the competition, but that they are not providing any information to the posters that the link will not be shown in their friends streams.  Deceiving their users is not something they need to be doing, especially after all the other recent issues with privacy as of late.  If this doesn’t show that Facebook sees Google+ as a major threat, than nothing will.
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