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What We Learned Yesterday From Bradley Horowitz

It’s been almost two months since Google+ first opened it’s doors to a limited number of users.  In those two months we have seen tremendous growth, as well as major changes from other social networks to keep up with Google’s new service.  Yesterday, Bradley Horowitz sat down with Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, to discuss Google+’s progress thus far.  In the interview we learned several pieces of information about the future of Google+, and where it may be headed. 
Here is a brief overview of some of the points that Horowitz made:

  • Within days there are some very exciting things coming to the Google+ “share” box.
  • Horowitz wanted users to understand that this is just the very first steps of a major social network launch.  It’s only a field trial, with limited features, that will grow tremendously in the future in terms of the user base, as well as ways to interact. “We really are just getting started,” Horowitz pronounced
  • Minors will be allowed to access Google+ eventually.  Currently users need to be 18 or over to participate, however this will change.  Minors will however need to give their actual age, when the doors open for them.
  • Google+ will eventually open up to third party developers.  When this occurs the possibilities could really be endless.
  • Comment threading is likely on it’s way as well.  Although O’Reilly questioned if. maybe not having threading is a more natural way for comments to take place, Horowitz replied, “”I think threading is probably a good idea.”
  • They are working extremely hard to bring enterprise customers, business’s and brands to the network.
  • Engineers are in the process of addressing the “noisy stream” issue.
There was a lot more discussed in the 53 minute interview.  If you do have the time to watch it all in it’s entirety please do so below: