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10+ Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Google chrome is one of the powerful web browser available today with loads of extensions. Google chrome is fast,secure and even better than many other web browsers. Using less number of extensions can improve the experience over all, so try selecting only necessary extensions from Google chrome extension gallery.
Here we have 10+ Google chrome extensions for Bloggers to make the blogging so productive. These extension are used by many bloggers and considered as the best from Google Chrome extension Gallery.

This is a quite typical extension which allows the bloggers to convert their favorite sites into E-books while they are surfing through the web. This helps the bloggers to read their own favorite contents when they are in offline. It downloads the web page to any EPUB compatible device like tablet PC, iPod, etc.
This extension is more useful for the bloggers working on the wordpress platform. Checking and responding towards the comments could increase the more number of visitors towards the particular blog. So in order to respond your visitors comments add this extension to get updated on the comments on your blog.

Blog this is an extension mainly for the blogger platform. All you need to do is just add the Blog this button to the browser’s tool bar. This allows you to post your blogger blog from any where in the web with just one click. It acts as a instant editor for your blogger platform.

Amplify lets you share any content on the web to your favorite social networking sites or through your mail. It may be a image, video, paragraph or an article. You can clip any part of the site and share them on twitter, Facebook and more. It works directly from the google reader.

It is one of the URL shortener service given by the Google. It offers the users to remember their own usage of history by log in into their Gmail account. Even it remembers the user’s history it wont store any user’s private data.

The awesome screen shot is  used in capturing a site’s particular area on the web which we like when we surf through it. The moment we took the screen shot we can edit the image on the online using this extension. Then we have two choice either we can store in our local system or else we could be provided with the sharing link to share on the social networking site or mail.

Twitter users got more tired of the noise in it. This could be prevented by using Proxlet Tweet Filter extension on the browser. It gives protection towards mute the noisy users. It blocks annoying the foursquare checkins and hides the tweets based on hash tags. It allows the user to see just links from chatty users.

Jolicloud is one of my favorite extension. It allows the user to access your own apps, files and connect with your friends where ever you go. It is a cloud based extension which supportsHTML5. It is the ultimate HTML5 desktop for all your devices like iPod, Mobile phones and Netbooks. Its one of the feature rich and advanced netbook operating system.

Stay Focusd is an excellent extension which could help bloggers to increase their productivityinstead of spending their valuable time on entertainment sites. It allows you to restrict the amount of time-wasting sites you visit on the internet. Once you have allocated the time for those websites it will be inaccessible for through out the day. This helps you in most of the ways to stay focused on your productivity.

The Scribe Fire is an full featured blog editor which allows you to write the post, edit it and you can post it in any of your blogs using this extension from your web browser. You can write the post to any featured blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Type pad and any other platform which supports Metaweblog or Movable Type API’s.

The Google Dictionary is an online reference tool which you could use it when you are surfing through the web. It is so simple to know the meaning of the words all you need to do is after adding the extension you just double click on the word you need to know the meaning. It supports more than ten languages and provides a friendly interface.

It is the official alexa traffic rank extension. Using this you can view the traffic rank of your blog or website. It accompanies you as you surf through the net. It wont interrupt your browsing. Also you can know about how your site is being found through search using theAlexa’s Search Analytics. You can also find the average time of loading for your site and you can compare it with the other websites.
Have fun and Happy Blogging.