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Find Information About Car Prices,Performance and Compare Them On Your iDevices

iCars is a very large collection of cars specifications with lots of photos from the first cars to the latest ones.  You can find information about engine, speed, performance, price and many more. Compare cars and view in slideshow mode. With this app you hold in your hand one of the greatest cars collection.
  • Detailed technical specifications
  • Gestures navigation (next / prev – swipe right / left)
  • Many car photos
  • Easy user interface
  • Favorites cars
  • Compare cars
  • Slideshow
  • Quiz game
  • 45.000 models
  • 82 manufacturers
  • App Settings (High Resolution Photos – Recommended)
  • Copy / Paste – Send SMS and Email
  • Translate text in 40 languages
Screen Shots: