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Google+ Hits 50 Million Users In 88 Days

Google defies exponential growth, hits 50 million users in 88 days, According to Paul Allen, Google+ hit 50 million users today.
It has been 88 days since that mid summer morning in which Google launched its social network to a small number of techies. Immediately after the launch, many people began to question how long it would take for Google+ to catch Twitter and Facebook, while others wrote it off immediately, and put it into the category of Google+ social networking failures such as Buzz.Nearly three months since the launch, and Paul Allen estimates that Google+ has approximately 50 million users worldwide. How does this compare to other social networking launches over the last eight years?
Check out the graphic below from Leon Håland.

Since the entire industry has matured in a major way since the launch of most of these other sites. Google+ has utilized many of these competing networks to spread throughout the web. Having said this, even some of the more optimistic Google+ fans we heard from back in July and I didn't believe that we’d have such an amazing growth rate so fast. Over the last couple months, we have seen a tremendous number of updates, both mobile and web. The Google+ product management team has gone above and beyond in order to fulfill the missing parts of Google+, listening, holding hangouts, and obtaining millions of pieces of feedback from the user base, in order to get things just right. Google+ has a long way to go, especially if they wish to compete with Facebook as the worlds largest social network. They certainly are off to an amazing start we all know that!
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