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Google Releases Google Flights

Google recently announced Google Flights which from there promotional video below looks extremely well designed and has amazing features the may help drive ticket prices down.

With this first step in flight search that combines ITA’s expertise with Google’s technology, you will be able to:
  • Get super-fast results. Speed is critical to all the things we love on the web, and travel planning should be no exception. Making changes to dates, destinations, and filters should be as fast as we hope you’ve come to expect from Google. 
  • See a simple list of the most relevant flights. Flight Search shows you an easy-to-scan list to help you get to your destination quickly and inexpensively. 
  • Figure out when to travel. Quickly see which travel dates are least expensive by dragging the date selector forward or backward, or check out the bar chart to compare lots of dates at once. 
  • Consider your destination options. Flight Search helps you explore possible destinations, letting you filter them by airline, flight time and price. For example, you can use the map and filters to see where you can go from San Francisco within 3 hours for less than $300. 
Flights are chosen primarily based on cost and total travel time, while covering a variety of departure times and airlines. It automatically set the filters to focus on options which are reasonable in both price and duration, and you can always adjust the filters to show even more flights.

The selection of flight results is not influenced by any paid relationships. Airlines control how their flights are marketed, so as with other flight search providers, our booking links point to airline websites only. They are working to create additional opportunities for our other partners in the travel industry to participate as well.

This is just an early look: the takeoff, not the final destination! You may notice that at the moment they include a limited number of U.S. cities and show results for round-trip economy-class flights only. They working hard to improve this feature and look forward to sharing more updates.

Don’t worry if you don’t see the Flight Search feature To learn more, check out this video:

I think that the thing that there missing at the moment is the ability to share the flight with your friends either on Google+ or Email, if were booking to visit family or friends around the world, or just group booking, would be nice if we can share the information to allow is to agree on a flight with the people were flying with.