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New Google+ iOS Application Version Released

On Tuesday, Google released a major Google+ application update to the Android OS. We knew it was just a matter of time before iPhone and iPad users would get their update. Last night the Google+ application, version was released at the Apple app store for iOS. The latest features include:
  • Join Hangouts from the mobile app (look for them in your Stream)
  • Set profile photo
  • Huddle is now called Messenger, and you can now send photos in Messenger
  • +1 on comments
  • Granular push notification settings
  • Improved +mention support
  • Share a post with individuals
  • Improved public search for people
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

In addition to this list of updates, they have also fixed many annoying bugs which had been reported from the previous version.  The updates to both mobile operating systems should be a shot in the arm for the Hangout video conferencing platform, now that users with a forward and back facing camera can take part in Google+ Hangouts on the go.
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