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Samsung taking interest in MeeGo

Samsung is seemingly intending to purchase Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo operating system after the news arrived that Samsung decided that it was not purchasing Hewlett Packard’s webOS.
Samsung was planning to purchase the Linux-operated, open-source OS which was prepared by Nokia and Intel. The OS released in February last year has since lost its popularity as Nokia dumped it in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and Intel declared that it was backing off expansion for the MeeGo. Nokia has released its previous MeeGo device in the N9 prior June.
Intel’s impassiveness in the OS could have aided for Samsung’s acquisition. It’s been rumored that Samsung would need the OS due to Google’s takeover of Motorola. While the firm has stated that it greeted the news it may have caused anxiety in Google’s Android associates. Samsung could be opting for a latest OS in place of the Android.
Not like other Android fans, Samsung already has its personal proprietary software in Bada, which has witnessed triumph with in some areas over the globe. The firm lately articulated support in Bada, and may very well nullify the rumor over a MeeGo acquisition just as rapidly as it did the WebOS rumors.

The N9 smartphone features a curved touch screen and runs the MeeGo operating system.
[Credit: Nokia]

MeeGo, which was made from a strategic alliance between Intel and Nokia, was basically left alone when Nokia decided to put investment in the platform and move to Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. Nokia made one MeeGo smartphone, which was seriously admired but was slightly more than a rarity experiment.
Mobiledia reported that MeeGo could carry some precious intellectual property, which has been increasingly significant given the controversial nature of the wireless market. Samsung is in a harsh multi-court case patent clash versus Apple, which has been trying to ban its smartphones and tablets from being sold in various regions of the world.