Streamlining iGoogle with a new look

iGoogle jumped on the  and rolled out a sleek and simple new interface. We hope these changes will enhance your experience when navigating through iGoogle.
In addition to the visible design changes like new colors and spacing, we’ve made some changes to functionality to showcase the content that really matters to you: we’ve hidden buttons and navigation links until they’re actually needed. Now you can collapse the left panel to give yourself room for more gadgets, or pop it back out when you want to chat with a friend.

If you use Google Chrome , you can now make your Google searches out loud , right from your iGoogle homepage. Simply Click on the button-shaped microphone to dictate your request.We hope you enjoy this first set of new iGoogle, this is only the beginning, many others will point their noses in the coming months. If you want us feedback about the new interface design to iGoogle, get them from us through this form or contact us via the Help Forum iGoogle.
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