Google Bringing The Popular Chrome Browser To Android Soon

A little while ago, we reported that Google was bringing the popular Chrome Browser to the Android platform soon.  Soon is expected to be next week with the release of Ice Cream Sandwich likely to occur on October 19th.
Google is set to replace the default Android browser with one built on the Chrome webkit code.  This will help bridge between Android and Chrome OS. The desktop version of Chrome is getting a big update as well.  It’s getting pipeline support for better performance and a UI change that includes a content settings tab. Its also getting finishing touches on profiles support.
Here are some interesting facts about the Chrome browser. Chrome now has nearly 200 million users. FireFox is said to have about 450 million users.  However, everyday usage is shifting towards Chrome. Chrome is about to pass FireFox usage share according to StatCounter.
The most recent data suggests that Google stands at about 24.6% market share this month, while Firefox is at 26.7%. Chrome is likely to surpass Firefox market share on weekend days within 2 weeks.
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