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Google+ Rolls Out Post Analytics, “Ripples” And Photo Editing

After a week with relatively little news from the social network, they have announced, and begun rolling out several major features today.  The latest two are Google+ Ripples, and some fun photo editing options.  Let’s take a quick look into both these new additions to the Google+ user interface.
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Google+ Ripples

First we will start with Google+ Ripples.  Ripples is basically an analytics interface for Google+ posts.  Ripples shows the sharing tree behind each and every post ever made.  To views the Ripple behind any post, users simply need to select the “View Ripples,” option on any post they see.  From that point, they can zoom in, and move the sharing tree around to discover who shared the post, and who in turn reshared the post.  It’s a very interesting way to visualize the spread of information over Google+.  There is also a neat little feature that allows users to watch the sharing take place within a time frame.  Below is a quick video showing off the latest feature.

Photo Fun

The next addition to the Google+ user interface has to do with photos. Users now have several editing and enhancement options within the Google+ photo section. Whether you wish to add text within a photo, change it’s basic appearance, add fun little clip art graphics, or crop an image, Google+ allows it all. Below is a video showing off some of the fun photo editing features in this latest roll out.

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