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Google+ Feature Rollout 3/11/2011

Today Google start rolling out a bunch of new features. Here are the most exciting ones:

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Youtube Widget
You will notice a small Youtube icon on the right side next to your "In your circles" box. When you hover it it will expand and reveal a Youtube search box. Just type the Band, Keyword or whatever you like into the box and hit the play button.
An new window will pop up with a playlist related to your search query.

Hangout listing
You are now able to see all the hangouts which are shared with you in a neat box right over the "Start a hangout" button. This is not a real public hangout list like Hangout Canopy

+1 Photos
You are now able to +1 a single photo in the lightbox viewer. The button is located in the lower left corner. It's already available on the iPhone app as well. The Android version will be out soon.

Official Google+ Chrome Extensions
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