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Kajeet® Launches the First Android Smartphones with Website Filtering Technology

Kajeet® (, the smart phone for kids™ and the only cell phone service provider in the U.S. to have won four parenting awards for excellence and safety, is pleased to announce an industry first: the availability of Android™ smartphones with exclusive website filtering technology and patented parental controls, just in time for the holiday season.
A new free parental control, the kajeet Smart Blocker™ allows parents to block websites they feel are inappropriate for their children to view on some of today’s most popular Android™ handsets. Kajeet is the only wireless service provider to offer such an innovative tool, making it possible for parents to both provide their kids with powerful Android™ smartphones and — at the same time — limit the types of websites they are able to access.
“Kajeet is thrilled to be able the offer the industry’s first filtered Android™ smartphone. Everything we do is about keeping kids safe and the Android™ smartphone from kajeet is no exception. Our kajeet Smart Blocker™ parental control gives parents peace of mind, knowing they can give their kid an Android™ and manage what websites that smartphone can access. There’s no other carrier that provides this valuable service,” said Daniel Neal, CEO and Founder of kajeet.
The Smart Blocker™ is the newest addition to kajeet’s suite of free, patented online device controls that come enabled on every phone available for purchase. Other parental controls, also available on Android™ smartphones from kajeet, include the ability to manage what numbers each phone can call and text to and from; what times a phone can be used; and who pays for specific services such as game or ringtone downloads. Using the Smart Blocker™ parental control, parents can prevent their kids from accessing sites that reference adult content, profanity, illegal activities, online chat, games and/or social networking websites, among other categories, all based on selections made by the parent. The first Android™ smartphones that kajeet will make available are the LG Optimus S™ and the Samsung Replenish™, both expected to be top sellers this holiday season.
Kajeet makes communicating with cell phones and smartphones safe for kids, reassuring for parents, and provides an affordable, contract-free option for everyone. In addition to kajeet’s free, patented online parental controls, all kajeet phones are enabled with GPS Phone Locator, another easy-to-use online service parents may use to monitor their child’s location on a map and/or by designated landmarks.