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Google Deletes The Black Horizontal Navigation Bar and Sets a New Bar with Redesign‎

The new navigation system began rolling out to users on Tuesday and Google said on Google+ that it should reach most users by the end of this week. Google’s new navigation bar links to your services in a drop-down menu nested under the Google logo across several services, including Search, News, Gmail, Google+ and Maps.
The navigation bar has three main regions – on the left, the Google logo menu shows a list of links Google services when you hover over it and lets you access additional Google sites by hovering over the ‘More’ link at the bottom of the list. The central area has a search box and the right side has a share box and Google+ notifications (visible from any Google page).
Here are the instructions to add the new Google Bar right to now if you don't have it already, Get new Google Bar right now! 
Confirmed for chrome should work with all browsers though.
1. Go get this extension to change cookies.
2. Load and right-click to edit the cookies. 
3. Change "PREF" to this:
4. Don't forget to save your changes at the bottom.
5. Reload and you have the new Google bar.