Google Chrome Browser officially lands on Android — faster and smarter

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for. We have long forgotten Firefox and have been die-hard fans of Chrome while waiting patiently for an official mobile version for Android. Today is that day and Google has just announced the Chrome for Android Beta. It’s available now for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones and tablets.

The user interface changes aren’t everything either. It’s also all about speed. The user experience and the feeling of a fast experience has all been improved. From pre-fetching pages, scrolling and zoom speeds, multitouch and more. It’s all much more fluid, simple, and last but not least — Fast.
Chrome for Android has introduced a new feature called “place shifting”. Users can migrate from their desktop, laptop or Chromebook over to their mobile phone or tablet and everything remains in place. The tabs you have open — including the current tab you were viewing can all be shifted to your mobile device. A seamless and easy user experience.
Obviously this is still in beta and was only released today but from our initial impressions it looks like an excellent start and will probably replace the stock ICS browser moving forward. Will later versions of Android come with Chrome instead? We think they will very soon. So far the bump in performance and the tabbed browser really has sealed the deal for me. Being able to drag the different tabs (cards) around and see a preview of each tab is awesome. You can even rearrange the tabs.
For now this is only for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich devices. More details are available from the video and market link below.
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