Firefox Beta 14 Goes Live On The Play Store, Brings Along A New UI, Flash Support

The browser wars wage on in the mobile space just as it does on the desktop. Today, Mozilla fires another shot across Chrome's bow with Firefox 14 beta. The update came with a new UI, Flash support, and a bunch of other little improvements.

The new version comes with an updated minimum requirement of Android 2.2 or higher. The new UI shows its Froyo-y heritage, too. While the whole app has seen a redesign that's pretty slick, it uses no deprecated menu styles whatsoever and conforms to the UI standards of whatever OS version it is running on. Looks aside, the update is also pretty powerful.
Here's a brief summary of just some of the new features:
What's in this version:
  • Redesigned user interface
  • Significant performance advancements
  • Flash support
  • New start page
  • Updated minimum system requirements to Android 2.2+ for optimized experience
  • More:
For a more complete list, you can check out the release notes on Mozilla's site here. If you already have the Firefox beta, the update should be rolling out to your device shortly. Otherwise, head to the Play Store via the widget below to try out the browser.
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