Top 10 Most Popular Apps From Last Week

From Now Every week we will cover Android gaming on Wednesday, followed by Top 10 app updates on Friday. Now every Monday (or Tuesday) we will look back and see which ones were the most crowd-pleasing among our audience. Read on for the 10 most popular Android apps from your peers. Source : AndroidAndMe
1. AirDroid
Debuting at the top spot in our weekly roundup is AirDroid. This app is a fast, free service that lets you wirelessly manage your Android device from your favorite browser. The developer released a major update this week that added a ton of new features. Our very own Clark loves this app and uses it daily, so check it out if you need a way to manager your phone from your desktop PC.
2. AfterFocus
Wow, really guys? AfterFocus remains in the top 2 spots on our site for the 4rd week in a row. We know you love camera apps and the developer just released another update, but even I’m surprised that this app has such staying power. If you haven’t tried it yet and want to create DSLR-style background blurred photos, then download it from the link below.
3. Shot Control
Shot Control won week 3 of #thenextinstall and it jumped all the way up to our 3rd most popular app this week. If you prefer to just point and shoot pics and know nothing about photography, then this camera app might not be for you. However, if you love to play with all your camera settings to get that perfect shot, then Shot Control is easily worth the $1.99 asking price.
4. iris
Iris is the original Siri-clone and this week it saw a significant update that added several new features. I’m not a fan of the apps that let you talk with your phone, but this is one of the best reviewed ones with an average score of 4.2.
5. LogiType
LogiType claims they have a “new groundbreaking technology to give you the easiest and fastest touch-typing keyboard available for Android tablets.” I haven’t tried it out yet, but it has an average review score of 4.3 and I’ve heard mostly positive things about it. If you have an Android tablet and want to test out a new input method, check it out and let us know what you think.
6. Schemer
Google’s own Schemer finally opened up signups last week and new users are quickly joining the service. The app claims to help its users “start doing more awesome stuff.” The app integrates with Google+ and uses your circles to suggest the perfect scheme for the moment, which sounds like a cool idea. I’ve had access to Schemer for a couple months now and I have yet to really explore it, so maybe now is a good time to show it some love.
7. Apex Launcher
Last week Nova Launcher appeared in our Top 10 list, and this week Apex Launcher makes an appearance. Both of these launchers are the new kids on the block and target devices running Android 4.0. They provide a ton of tweaks for performance and customizations, but Apex has a slightly higher review score. Both are worth checking out if you love mixing your home screen up.
8. Weatherwise
Weatherwise returns this week but drops six spots down to number eight.. This weather widget looks pretty cool, but the free version only comes with a single skin. Additional themes will cost you $0.99. Average review scores have been stead at 4.3, so the early users have enjoyed the app thus far.
9. Oven Break
Oven Break from Com2uS is the only game to crack the Top 10 this week. It’s free so I gave it a try, but I was bored within minutes. Maybe the game gets better as you progress, but it didn’t keep my attention long enough to find out.
10. Solid Explorer Beta
Solid Explorer is amazing. The app is still in beta, but it’s already one of the best looking file managers I have tried on Android. I guarantee you this app will return next week and it should be in the top three.  Try it out right now and tell me it’s not your new favorite file manager.                              
Sid Goswami
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