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Google Music APK from Jelly Bean Now Available for any Rooted ICS Device

google play music header Google Music Ripped from Jelly Bean; Now Available for any Rooted ICS Device

The Jelly Bean goodness just keeps on coming, folks. Of course, as we’ve all heard about the lucky attendees from Google I/O getting their hands on an early preview build of the latest flavor of Android. Last night, we told you about a new Play Store apk, the Jelly Bean boot animation, and the hidden Easter Eggs – all from Android 4.1. Thanks to our source : OMGDroid
Today, we’ve got another treat for you guys, in the form of the new Google Music app (version 4.3.605.392829), thanks to XDA Senior Member crisvillani who posted this in the App & Game forum. Unfortunately, this is only compatible on rooted Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.x) or greater. You need root because you need to move the apk to your /system/apps folder to get it to work.

Download the apk : Music2.apk
How to install this new Music Apk : Use Titanium Backup to uninstall the original (after making a backup, of course) and then rename the apk file to Music2.apk. Then move it into the proper folder using Root Explorer and set the application permissions to rw–r–r–. Reboot your phone and voila, you’ve got the new Music app from Jelly Bean. Simple as that.
As for what’s new in this version, it looks like there a few UI touch-ups and the setting formerly known as “Make Available Offline” has been changed to “Choose On-Device Music”. There’s also a new homescreen widget that jives quite nicely with the already-existing ICS/JB user interface. There are also settings for the recently-announced Nexus Q, as well.
Head on over to the original thread on XDA for the download link. Again, make sure you’re rooted and have a file manager application capable of installing system apps and changing permissions.

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