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Google+ App Updated To 3.1.1: Now You Can Join Hangouts On Air From Mobile, Other Goodies

Google’s social network Google+, just received an update that is now live on Google Play. The update includes some added features for Hangout users including the ability to join a ‘Hangout on Air’ from your mobile and teens can now create their own mobile Hangout sessions. Reportedly, people under a certain age were unable to create a Hangout before this update.

This is fantastic news as Hangouts on Air are among the most useful application of the already-awesome Hangouts feature. Unfortunately, until recently, you could only join via a desktop, but no more.

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Google is now allowing teens to create and join Hangouts via mobile. Which, apparently, they could not do before.Hopefully Google has considered some kind of parental controls as well—giving teenagers the ability to broadcast video of themselves from a mobile phone to anyone on Google+ seems like a PR nightmare waiting to happen—but either way, now the youngun's can get in on the group-video-chat-with-pirate-hats action.
Full changelog down below. 
What’s in this version:
  • Teens can now create and join Hangouts from mobile
  • Join Hangouts on Air from mobile
  • Floating timestamp in photos view
  • Shortcuts for post creation
  • Ability to report abuse in Events
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