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Official Twitpic App Released For Android

Twitpic service's popularity has been waning since competitors sprang up (and Twitter itself jumped in the game), Twitpic remains a major host for images on Twitter. They're not going down without a fight, either, and the company has released its official Android app dedicated to sharing photos on Twitter. With a UI heavily inspired by the Twitter app itself, it allows you to browse through photos hosted by Twitpic on your Twitter timeline, as well as edit and share your photos.
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The first ever photo sharing site for Twitter comes to Android, Twitpic is the easiest and best way to share your photos and videos with your Twitter followers.
  • Quickly and seamlessly share your photos and videos with all of your Twitter followers
  • Edit your photos with beautiful filters and easy to use enhancement tools
  • Browse your Twitter photo timeline with photos from people you follow in a beautiful interface
  • Browse photos from the most popular Twitpic users
  • Manage your Twitpic photos and videos in your own timeline
The app was released a few days ago and has an average review score of 3.6 right now - not exactly great. Still, it's seen a huge number of downloads in the past few days, and about half of the reviews are 5 stars.
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