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Boid for Twitter Gets Updated, Bringing Notifications, Contact Syncing and More Stuff

The very first Holo-themed Twitter app, Boid for Twitter is still in beta. But it just received a major update. The changelog probably takes up more space than the app does on your phone. But some of the most highlighted new features are Notifications, Contact Syncing, Username auto-completion and Nexus 7 support. Here’s the full changelog from the Play Store:
- Poll notifications and contact syncing (still experimental), click an account manager list item to show settings.
- Username auto-completion in Tweet composer
- Font size customization!
- New profile viewer
- In-app donation
- New composer draft system
- Pure black theme
- Night mode (accessed via settings)
- Global trends viewing
- New Column Manager
- Fixed contextual actionbar behavior
- Edit your own profiles
- Fixed media timeline
- Improved local trend viewing
- Overhauled muting system
So download it today and let us know what you think about the update. Don’t forget to follow the Boid team over on Twitter and Google+.
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