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Rumor: Next Nexus phone with new Android release coming in the “next 30 days”

Recently there’s been rumblings that Google will release up to five Nexus devices this holiday season, but some have openly wondered if Google will even release one. The number of Nexus rumors is surprisingly low for this time of year, Read on for the latest rumors surrounding Google’s next Nexus. Thanks to our sources for digging this info : AndroidAndMe

The Rumor

Google will unveil their next Nexus phone within the “next 30 days”. The device has “already leaked” in blogs and it will include a new version of Android. However, the next version of Android will be a Jellybean point release and not the major upgrade to Android 5.0 that some had speculated.

The Sources

This rumor comes from three different industry sources. They have provided reliable information in the past and I find them to be trustworthy. As with most of these rumor reports, the sources wish to remain anonymous.

One Android Insider’s take on the rumor

WARNING: Before anyone has a cow, please keep in mind these are only rumors. Nothing is final until it is final. Sometimes the information given to me is correct and sometimes it is not. I get hundreds of rumors sent to me every month, but I only give the full rumor report treatment to the ones that I believe to be true.
Let the countdown begin. If you plan to buy a new Android phone before the end of the year, then you better hold onto your wallet for at least the next month. While we can’t confirm all of the product details, we are certain that Google will release a new version of Android this year and they will have a new flagship Nexus smartphone.
Andy Rubin will reveal the next Nexus phone at AllThingsD: Dive Into Mobile on October 29-30. This is the same conference that he revealed Android 3.0 on the Xoom in 2010, and he always seems to have big news when he sits down to talk with Walt Mossberg.

Andy Rubin talking to Walt Mossberg at All Things D conference.
It is also pretty noteworthy that our sources said the identity and manufacturer of the next Nexus smartphone had already leaked out. There has been a lot of chatter over who would make the next Nexus, but most of the signals are still pointing at LG. We were already told that the LG Optimus G would be the base of a Nexus device, and other reports are slowly starting to come in.

The LG Optimus G with stock Android photoshopped in.
We really thought that the next Android release would be 5.0, so I was a little surprised to hear that the next Nexus will feature a point release. Google did this before when they announced Honeycomb Android 3.1 at Google IO 2011, so it wouldn’t be the first time it has happened. We have already spotted Android 4.2 in our recent server logs, so it’s possible that is the version of Android that we will see on this next Nexus device.

Someone is testing Android 4.2.
We definitely believe there will be a flagship Nexus smartphone for this new Android point release, but there could be additional devices on the way. Possible Nexus devices that have been rumored include a refreshed-entry-level Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 with 3G modem, and Nexus 10 tablet.
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