SwiftKey Introduces SwiftKey Flow Brings Trace Input to Leading Android Keyboard

SwiftKey has announced a brand new version of its popular keyboard app for Android, dubbed SwiftKey Flow. Launching "soon," SwiftKey Flow will bring continuous input -- similar to what's found in Swype and others -- to SwiftKey, while retaining the personalized prediction tech for which it's is best known.

An evolution of the intelligent prediction software used in SwiftKey 3 powers the flow-based input, meaning it's sensitive to context, as well as individual typing styles. SwiftKey Flow will also allow users to switch between the two input modes on the fly depending on their preference, or how many hands they have free.

Unfortunately, the beta isn't available just yet. The SwiftKey team is putting some final touches on the alpha at the moment, to ensure a better experience for everyone who's involved with the beta. Speaking of - if you want to get in on the action, you need only sign up (VIP members will probably get a pass as soon as it's live, too) You'll get an invite once the beta's live, and-a-gliding you will go. Check out the demo video above. 
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