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Titanium Backup Updated : Lets Users Create Flashable ZIP Backups

The latest version of the highly popular Titanium Backup Pro app now gives users the ability to create flashable zip files of their apps and data.

The flashable zips will come in handy and help save a significant amount of time for serial ROM flashers. Instead of doing the usual and rather time-consuming routine of restoring backups of your apps and data after a new ROM install, you can now easily flash the ZIP files using recovery instead.

Given that it’s considered as a premium feature, you’ll only find it on the Pro version of Titanium Backup, which means you’re going to have to shell out about $6 to get the app. We think it’s worth the admission price.

The newest update also brings a few smaller features as well, like the ability to upload files larger than 150 MB to Dropbox, an improved "overview of app storage use" screen, and many other fixes/enhancements.

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