Users Can Now Install Apps Directly from the Google+ Stream

Android users can now install apps directly from the Google+ stream. The process will seem familiar for those who previously shared music (tracks or albums) from the music section of Google Play.

Basically, you copy the URL of the app into the ‘share what’s new’ box on Google+. From that point, your link will convert into what you see in the above image, which includes the app icon, name, description and the install (or buy) button. And for those worried about an accidental click can rest easy because a click on the link will be just like a click from the Google Play Store. 

That is to say you will be presented with the checkout popup box which asks you which device to install the app on (assuming you have more than one) and also has the final button click before the app is purchased/installed.

All said and done, this is just another nice bit of Google Play and Google+ integration. And one that will obviously benefit Android users a bit more. The one part that Google seems to have not addressed just yet, if you click on the +1 button in the app description, that will be shared on Google+, but not in the same installable manner as you get if you post the full URL. Maybe that is something Google is still working on.

    Sid Goswami is a tech enthusiast, besides being an avid Android fan and blogger, Sid wants to be a photographer and a designer. He can usually be found reading through blogs, taking photos. He's a student and a PHP web developer.
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