ROM Manager Updated to Which Allows You To Easily Transfer Backups To Your PC Over Wi-Fi

ROM Manager is updated and it has a very useful feature there is one thing that's always bothered me about making nandroid backups is having to keep them stored on my phone – and with the limited storage of the devices. Thus, it's not uncommon for me to end up transferring backups to my PC in case I should need them again. Thanks to a new feature implemented into ROM Manager, that process just got a lot easier. 
Screenshot_2012-12-24-09-46-35 Screenshot_2012-12-24-10-00-14 Screenshot_2012-12-24-09-46-23
How this new feature works : This new feature enables a download server on your phone that can easily be accessed over Wi-Fi from your PC. Using it couldn't be easier, either – simply jump into the Manage Backups menu, hit the option to Download Backups, and that's basically it. Enter the IP address into the address bar of your favorite browser, and away you go and if you don't have ROM Manager download it from below.. Circle us or +1 our page on Google+ : +Kickedface and on Facebook : Kickedface for more news! Support us.

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