Review : Carbon for Android (The Twitter App)

There are many twitter client are available for android these days, it's hard to choose between them some are beautiful with less feature some are ugly with more features. There some clients which are on the top- Plume, Falcon Pro, Tweetings etc. Carbon for Android is whole different concept . 

For those of you who haven't been following, Carbon is a refugee from the lands of Windows Phone and WebOS, highly anticipated on Android for months. The developers have been giving fleeting glances to the press and end users, but this is the first time it's been widely available. Carbon is a free download available on most Android 4.0+ devices. If Falcon and Plume aren't doing it for you, the slick interface and animations are worth a look. Screenshots are below :

 There are some stuff which is little annoying. First of all, Carbon is completely incompatible with most tablets... even those that are listed as compatible on the Play Store. The developers have stated that they will release a separate tablet app sometime in the future. Also, Carbon has no homescreen widget, which is a big drawback for those of us who like to keep up on things without opening a separate app. Hit the widget below to download the app and please support us and sorry for late post's i am actually sick these days.

    Sid Goswami is a tech enthusiast, besides being an avid Android fan and blogger, Sid wants to be a photographer and a designer. He can usually be found reading through blogs, taking photos. He's a student and a PHP web developer.

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