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Swiftkey 4 Hits Google Play Store – Includes Flow, Improved Prediction Engine, and New Language Support

Last night at midnight, Swiftkey released the newest version of their keyboard to the market, fittingly called Swiftkey 4. As expected, this version of Swiftkey includes Flow, the swipe-style keyboard that allows you to write words and sentences without having to lift up a finger. If you have been in the beta game for some time, then you have been testing Flow for a while now. It’s brilliant, because it predicts just as good as Swiftkey has for years, but it gives you another way to input text. 

In version 4, you’ll also find new personalization that learns from your typing style, better predictions, easier corrections, more languages, and the ability to “Flow Through Space,” which is a fancy way of swiping to the space bar to add a space between words so that you can type out whole sentences in Flow.
It's worth noting that v4 will inherit your dictionary and some other settings from SwiftKey 3 by default. If you have the Flow beta installed and would like for SK4 to pull its info from that instead, simply uninstall SK3. Likewise, if you'd rather it pull from v3, go ahead and uninstall the Flow beta just to be safe.

When they debuted their beta versions of SwiftKey Flow, which incorporates swiping gestures into the keyboard, folks fell in love with it all over again. It was a swiping keyboard, with great autocorrect and personalized predictions that seemed to read our minds.
SwiftKey has finalized things and they have released SwiftKey 4. It's on sale for $1.99 (it's normally a $3.99 app) if you don't already have SwiftKey, and it's a free upgrade for everybody who has already purchased. SwiftKey 4 incorporates "the flow" on top of the great features we're already using, and it just works. Hit the widget below to download the app and please support us

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