[UPDATED] Google Play Store v4.0.16 : New and Revamped

Ascending through the transcending years, Google has emerged successful with several beneficial characteristics. Along these lines, Google will dish out a newer, better version of the Play Store marketplace which is regarded to be as the Play Store 4.0.16 soon. This particularized version hasn’t been rolled out officially for the Smartphone users; however we are trying our best efforts to get the APK so that you can easily install the same on your Android device pre-official-launch. This ostensible leaked version displays a Holo-esque and a colorful user interface. Utilizing the newer version, we are treated to a much cleaner and an easier card-like interface. Thus, it is simpler & uncomplicated to view than the previous version. Screenshots courtesy : Androidpolice
New-Google-play 4.0There has been a considerable uplifting overhaul with the UI frame view. The major change illustrates the removal of the “App will be downloaded and installed” screen, which means the during the time that the user clicks on “install” Google Play simply does that and sub-sequentially the individual can continue viewing the Apps listing. In this fashion, the refurbished version doesn’t possess an annoying back button and plus there is no more of the “Keep Shopping” button. From an outside view, it appears that all apps are auto-updated by default, along-with the inclusion of selecting an app if you don’t want that specific app to be auto-updated.

wm_2013-03-20 20.31.38wm_2013-03-20 20.32.51
The main screen is, well, broken. That makes navigating the app a little difficult. However with liberal use of the search button and a few tricks it's possible to find your way around. (And yes, the search still blows.)

Browsing For Apps

wm_2013-03-20 20.26.05wm_2013-03-20 20.53.10wm_2013-03-20 20.26.21
Ugh. Pray to god the new action bar isn't final.
App categories mostly looks the same. The tab bar has gotten a big revamp, and there are now "Editors' Choice" and "Staff Pick" buttons just above the category list. The featured tab is missing in this build.
Most tabs look like the center picture, a row of horizontal cards. There are Google Now-style menu buttons on the right of each card that allow you to buy (or install) and add an app to your wishlist.
The trending tab has a special layout, the cards are much taller and in rows of 3.
wm_2013-03-20 20.43.31
Here's what it looks like in horizontal mode. The cards jump to a 2-wide formation.
wm_2013-03-20 20.51.46
Every tab in tablet mode looks like this. Except for Categories which looks like this:
wm_2013-03-20 20.52.02
wm_2013-03-20 20.31.09wm_2013-03-20 20.30.55
"Staff Picks" has a pretty normal layout, "Editor's Choice," however, gets this special, centered, single card look.

Content Stores

wm_2013-03-20 20.36.11wm_2013-03-20 21.07.08wm_2013-03-20 21.07.24wm_2013-03-20 21.08.39wm_2013-03-20 20.36.14wm_2013-03-20 21.07.12wm_2013-03-20 21.07.30wm_2013-03-20 21.08.42wm_2013-03-20 21.13.20wm_2013-03-20 21.12.27wm_2013-03-20 21.07.41wm_2013-03-20 21.12.15
The Play Store's color coding is still intact. The sections all have similar layouts to the App section.

My Apps

wm_2013-03-20 21.20.21wm_2013-03-20 21.20.28
My Apps now sports an "Update" button even if there's only one app to update. There's still no way to see your purchased apps. Booo.
wm_2013-03-20 21.19.56
Here's tablet mode. There's still no way to see the change log from this screen. BOOOO!
Auto update has been changed from opt-in to opt-out (just clear your data). That's way easier.

App Screens & Install

wm_2013-03-20 21.16.29wm_2013-03-20 21.16.34wm_2013-03-20 21.16.47wm_2013-03-20 21.17.11
It's interesting that everything has been turned into a card layout, but this screen, which used to use cards for each section, has been flattened into a single, grey strip. The apps at the bottom are presented the same way as they are in some of the browse tabs.
wm_2013-03-20 22.07.23wm_2013-03-20 22.07.27wm_2013-03-20 22.13.08wm_2013-03-20 22.13.59
This is what the install flow looks like. It's just these screens. The horrible post-install screen is gone.
wm_2013-03-20 22.22.21wm_2013-03-20 22.22.17wm_2013-03-20-22.22
And here are the purchase screens.


wm_2013-03-20 21.58.07wm_2013-03-20 21.58.10
The settings are pretty much the same. Update over Wi-Fi has been collapsed into the "Auto-update apps" option. Nothing groundbreaking. This build is 4.0.16.
Furthermore, this particular version displays the new fonts as category section titles along with bigger images, which is construed to be viewed as the Google Now box-style item container. The layouts remain the same, however have been face lifted with the profitable aspects.
In this fashion, presented below is a video graphic demo of the particular version:
At this particular moment, a download link cannot be provided for public use. However many of the displayed functions in previewed app are non-functional, proving the resultant aspect as either properly built or fake. We ensure you that the link to download the latest version of the 2013 Google Play Store App i.e. version 4.0.16 APK will be updated here soon.

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