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New Multi-Windowing Chat Head-like Feature is Coming to Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android
Details are still scarce as to what exactly is going on, but there are plenty of teasers on Google+ and YouTube taking place, showing proof of concept for a new “multi-window” feature that is to be baked into the Paranoid Android ROM. Please allow me to try and explain. Imagine a Chat Heads-like function for every application on your device. That is what they are working on. 
From what they have said on their Google+ page, this will be a marriage between multi-windows and Chat Heads, allowing users to access apps/messages while they are doing anything else on their device. For example, if you are playing a game that takes up your full screen, then get a message on Gtalk, a window will pop up allowing you full control over Gtalk while still inside your game. This functionality will work for any app on your phone. Facebook, Skype, uploading photos to Dropbox, or anything else you might need to do on your phone.
If this sounds exciting to you (it certainly should), you can expect alpha builds to start popping up for Nexus devices within the next couple of days according to the video’s uploader on YouTube. In the mean time, below is a video showing off the initial concept, but how it actually works and looks will be different according to the uploader. Once builds go up, we will link you to them. Here you can really watch that feature :

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