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Top 6 Best Icon Sets for Android [WEEKLY]

[source : Deviantart]

So here today on Kickedface we are sharing some great and highly recommended icons packs and i will be doing these article each week so stay tuned for more stuff!

1. Flatro Icons

These are great looking icons i have seen in a long time, Flatro is a great icon theme and its a blend of Retro, Minimal and Flat, they all come together to create a fresh and unique icon set.. Icons are round and display a great retro aspect that will go well with any wallpaper but go even better with its pre its loaded ones.
flatro - Icon PackRyanMKelly

2. Motif Icons

Motif is also a great icon pack killer each icons looks as if it were a portrait hanging on the wall. They are very detailed and have a nostalgic almost "3D" like feel. Very different and unique is Motif's approach. 
MotifPure Designs
3.Card Stock Icons

Card Stock icons are just like it's name its like Google Now card's UI or we can say they are inspired by it, Each icon looks like card like feel. This is a great icon pack with some nice wallpapers set in it.
4. Stark Icons

Stark icons are crispy square shaped icons they were designed with precision to offer a clean Android homescreen setup when using. The included wallpapers are a added bonus to coincide with this unique set of HD icons. I always go back to these and find them to be the best addition to any setup I have.
5. Holo Icons

These icons for those who love more stock-ish home sceens, So if you love the stock look of your current icons but want a nice flat clean look then Holo icons are for you. This set takes the stock icon set and makes them look more "Holo" like adding flat elements to each icon. It is a great set and is constantly updated with new icons. 
Holo IconsUnseen Vision
So that's it for today here are the Top, Best, Sexy looking icon packs each week we will cover more articles like this with more new icons. Keep Checking.