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Speedtest 3.0 is now Available on Play Store

Everyone's favorite app for comparing network speeds,, has received a substantial update today with a new interface. The new interface won't be much of a surprise for anyone who has used the app recently on iOS, but it is drastically nicer looking than what Android users had previously. The app performs better in terms of UI but also in network accuracy, and packs a few extra features. Earlier this week Ookla teased their revised and updated app for Android, and now it's live in the Play Store for anyone to download. The go-to network test for end users and reviewers alike has been completely redesigned, with a new interface, new options, and the ability to remove the advertising with a $.99 in-app purchase. That's a nice perk for frequent users.
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The old interface wasn't exactly awful, but it had been going for several years without any sort of refresh. In addition to the new visuals you can also view your results on a map, which should help you get a good idea of the high and low spots for your networks. Most of the functionality from the previous version of the app seems to be intact. You can export your results in a .CSV file or share them directly using the Android share menu.
Screenshot_2013-09-26-17-44-21 Screenshot_2013-09-26-17-46-21 now scales properly on tablets and high-resolution devices. Well, sort of - the app background, menu, and map views use the entire screen, but the network speedometer and other UI elements are still kind of squashed to the center of the screen on tablets. The ability to view the app in landscape has been removed for some reason. Still, it's a pretty great update overall.