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Nexus 5 Prototype Gets full 7 minute of Hands-on

Hello, massive Saturday leak. Just across the wire, we’ve got a 7-minute in-depth overview and look at the Nexus 5. In the video, shot on October 9th if we are to believe the lockscreen, we're obviously looking at a prototype, considering there's no Nexus branding on the back, but one that offers the highest amount of detail to date. It's worth taking a peek at it just to see a close-up of those sexy dual bottom-firing speakers.
As for the build, it's missing some elements we saw recently, like notification bar transparency in the launcher, the camera shortcut on the lockscreen, the new dialer, app drawer, Search app icons, Google Photos (as opposed to Google+ Photos), etc. The build even says KeyLimePie, just like it did in numerous previous leaks, but remember that Google only told its employees the new KitKat name in the beginning of September. Rest assured that it'll change by release time.
  • 00:00 - Hardware overview.
  • 00:53 - The lockscreen is turned on - notice the October 9th date.
  • 01:00 - The homescreen.
  • 01:05 - The app drawer - notice Messaging went missing, just like we suspected it might. There's also something called GEL Stub, which is undoubtedly related to Google Experience.
  • 01:13 - Settings.
  • 01:20 - About screen showing Nexus 5 and KeyLimePie.
  • 01:44 - Storage (this device has 16GB, 12 of which is available for use).
  • 02:04 - Live wallpapers.
  • 02:26 - Chrome.
  • 03:27 - YouTube.
  • 04:13 - Camera.
  • 04:31 - Calendar.
  • 04:43 - Keep.
  • 05:04 - Google Earth.
  • 06:07 - Play Store.

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