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Nexus 5 “Hammerhead” Android 4.4 Factory Image Now Available as Build KRT16M

nexus 5 official
The factory image and binaries for the Nexus 5 are now available as Google promised. You’ll see that the Android 4.4 build is KRT16M and the codename for the Nexus 5 is “hammerhead,” just like we told you months ago. Assuming you own a Nexus 5 (which you don’t yet), you’ll probably want to keep these files around in case you plan to tinker. A factory image can restore your device to its stock state should you run into any issues. 
Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 4.59.09 PM
The binaries are available as well.
Android 4.4 Links:  Factory Image | Binaries

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