Red Nexus 5 Soon to be Shipped [UPDATED]

If you're dying for a red Nexus 5, it looks like they're well on their way. We (and just about everyone else) just got pinged by @artyomstar on Twitter, who offered up a couple pics. Note the colors listed on the boxes as well. Check here for more news about this Red Nexus 5.

The images – included above and below – appear to show red Nexus 5s packaged up and ready for shipping, likely to retailers. There are labels for LG (the manufacturer), specifics on the storage size (these are 16GB units), a couple of IMEIs, and a potential country (GBR) that these specific boxes will be shipped off to. 
We still know nothing on price or availability, but with Valentine’s Day quickly arriving, the bright red version would be a timely addition to the lineup that includes black and white models. Both current models are priced at $349 for the 16GB variant, so I’d imagine this will drop in at the same.
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