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Review : Quadro Icon Pack

Recently Quadro icon pack have been one of the popular icon packs on the Play Store, This icon pack gives your homescreen a nice flat unique look. The developer of this Icon pack did a great job on making this a good looking pack for our devices. The color schemes are what pleases the eye when looking at these icons, and there are many to choose from.

When you will open Quadro Icon app you will get a nice list of features in it. And ofcourse you get a thousands of icon and some wallpapers, i mean tons of wallpapers. When accessing the wallpapers, you get sent over to the Quadro Google+ page, and there are over 100 just sitting there waiting for you. 
There is then extra wallpaper, and that is a nice list of over 400 wallpaper choices. The developer definitely has you covered and knows what people like.

If you think you like the icon pack and feel like trying, it's available on Play store by spending $2.00, some people might think it's a little pricey but you get thousands of icons with over 500 wallpaper choices. I think it's a good deal to spend your $2.00 on this pack. There is a video below you can see the icon pack more closely :

Quadro Icon Theme   djskarpia