Today’s Google App Updates: Search, Play Games, Play Music and Chrome Beta

google logo flat newUpdate Wednesday is in full swing today, with Google pushing out new apps for Docs, Sheets, and Slides, before moving on to some less amazing matters. Three other Google apps have been updated today (Search, Play Games, and Chrome Beta), to our knowledge – here is what’s new.

Google Search (3.4)

The Search update brings a new card in Google Now for automatically detecting where you parked, which is a pretty cool feature. The reminders interface has also seen a minor facelift, allowing for better sorting of what you have asked to be reminded about in the past. We have also noticed (the hard way) that there is a redesigned look for when you are offline and using Now.

google search no internet connection
The other changes are not too major — find the full list of modifications, courtesy of Android Police, right down below.

What’s New

  • New parking card in Google Now
  • New reminders interface with better arrangement of past reminders
  • Centralized list for nicknames under Accounts & privacy
  • ‘Help’ and ‘Send feedback’ are now ‘Help & feedback’ (one item)

Play Music (5.5)

A late entrant to Google's update Wednesday is Play Music. Version 5.5 has started rolling out, but don't expect huge changes. So far all we've seen is a tweak to playlist management. You can still download the APK below, if that's how you roll.
2014-05-01 06.59.162014-05-01 06.58.59

What's New

  • Edit playlists in the app
  • Share playlists (after making public)

So you have a bit more control over playlists on your device. You can change the name and description now (you could already manage the songs). If you want to share your creation (with a link), the app lets you do so via whatever means you want. The playlist has to be made public first, but the app prompts you.

Play Games (1.6)

Google’s social gaming app has received an update allowing players to “see requests and gifts from friends all in one place,” and some minor UI enhancements are to be had, of course. We’ve got an APK on hand for this one as well, so the sideloaders among you can help yourselves.

Chrome Beta (35.0.1916.86)

Bugfixes, that’s all. To quote Google’s blog post, the update contains “stability, accessibility, and cast fixes”. The APK can be found below, but the update is likely live for all on Google Play.
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