[DOWNLOAD] Android L Keyboard for your Kitkat Device

Android L comes with a new version of Google Keyboard, complete with a flatter looking theme giving it a very modern and sleek look. The keyboard was also present in the Android L factory images released yesterday for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 as well. The keyboard will work without any hiccups on KitKat but is not compatible with any other version of Android lower than it. You can grab the installation ZIP from here.

If you are not running Android L on your Nexus or other Android device, you can still get your hands on the new keyboard included in Android L, thanks to the hard work of developer bejunk.

The developer has managed to extract the APK and other associated library files with it and packed it into a flashable ZIP for all KitKat running devices. Once installed, make sure to enable the Material theme on the keyboard by going to Keyboard Settings -> Advanced Settings and then selecting Material from the Color scheme option.

Since this is a flashable ZIP, users must have root access along with a custom recovery installed on their devices for installation purposes. If you meet these requirements, the installation itself is pretty simple. 

However, if the automatic installation fails for you for some reason, you will have to manually copy all the lib files to the /system/lib folder and the APK to the system/app folder. Like this post? Share it!

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