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Moto X+1 Appeares Through Render Images Packing Huge Camera, Big Bezels

Recently there is been a lot of chit-chat and buzzes about the Moto X+1, the potential follow up to last year’s Moto X. But aside from a few sketchy Internet rumors, we haven't really seen/heard much about Motorola’s next flagship handset. The image you see above, however, is supposedly our first look at what the device will look like.

According to Evleaks, the above image is the Moto X+1 in a case. And, to be honest, it looks absolutely horrible—a lot different from what we saw earlier. You can't really judge a phone based on a supposed render image and one stuffed inside of a case at that. But compared to the design of the Moto X, this successor looks like a major downgrade; it looks more like a Moto G or Moto E. For one, the bottom bezel is absolutely huge, And the screen itself looks smaller to me in the image, although there’s no way of knowing for sure just yet.
On the back, the camera lens looks bigger than what’s available inside the Moto X, so maybe we can expect an improvement there. There also seems to be two small openings on the back, while the buttons are still on the device’s right side, just as they were on the Moto X.
Previous rumors have suggested the Moto X+1 would sport a 5.2-inch FullHD screen, and much improved specs. Based purely on the image above, we’re a little worried this isn't going to be the flagship we were anticipating. Hopefully without the case the Moto X+1 is a completely different picture.