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Stats from Google I/O : Over 1 billion 30 Day Active users on Android and Other Stats

Google just showed us how popular is Android, they have an update on some company numbers since last checking in. Here are some numbers and updates announced by Google’s head of Android and Chrome Sundar Pichai during today’s keynote including over 1 billion active users over a 30 day period. That is a calculation that’s replacing the activation numbers per day it usually announces:

Here are some other numbers that Google Showed us : 

  • Over 1 billion 30 day active users
  • 62% of overall tablet market (based on shipments)
  • 42% of YouTube usage on tablets is Android
  • App installs up 236% YOY
  • 1.5 trillion steps per day
  • 20% female participation at I/O up from 8% last year
  • Users check phone over 100 billion times each day
  • 93m selfies a day

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