YouTube is Silently Testing 1080p and 480p Option for their Android app

You may remember the big move that was made by Google finally updated the YouTube app for Android with the ability to choose an actual 720p HD stream. We know many of you were surprised to find that after all this time, you actually weren’t watching YouTube videos in the full HD resolution, even when phones with 1080p displays are now pretty much commonplace.

Well, praise the Google gods that be, it seems they’re finally addressing this issue in the backend. According to some Android users, they've reported seeing the option to stream in 1080p popping up on their devices (480p too). 

This lets us know that Google is, at the very least, already testing the feature. It’s not 100%, and you wont see the option appear for every video, but shout out below if you’re seeing the new 1080p option on your phone.

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