[APK] Google Play Store 4.9.13 with Material Design Update

 It was just a matter of time when Google will release this update of the Google Play Store. We’ve seen it leak recently and the rollout started today. Google+ got the Material Design overhaul first and is now followed by the Play Store which reached version 4.9.13. Let’s see what’s new.
Please not that even though certain parts of the app did get the Material Design overhul, this is definitely not the final update to that design element as most of it is still intact. Google will definitely tinker with the app’s design more in the near future. 
That been said… You’ll see the changes made if you visit the content pages, in other words visit a certain app, movie, book or music content. You’ll notice new animations and header along with the new badges. The design looks completely different compared to previous versions. 
They’ve also changed the content description which is not displayed in full screen, no additional clicking necessary. As we said, this part of the app looks completely different and we like it a lot.
If you’re not willing to wait for your turn and want to sideload the app right away, you can download it HERE



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