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Modern Combat 5: Blackout lands on Google Play Store

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is now available in the Play Store. It was originally scheduled for a July 24 release. For those of you who are unaware, the Modern Combat series is a first person shooter that really pushes boundaries in terms of mobile gaming. The graphics and gameplay are widely applauded and that is what has Gameloft to keep making new installments.

Priced at $7 upfront, you wont find a single in-app purchase needed to finish the game to completion, or even engage in multiplayer. Also there’s one hiccup and that is you need internet connection as the new unified progression features require an it to play the game, even when in single player mode.
Here are other features:
Choose your favorite class
  • 4 customizable classes (Assault, Heavy, Recon, or Sniper) that players can level up in both single and multiplayer
  • Class-specific skills can be activated by earning and spending “Skill Points”
Intense solo campaign
  • Fast-paced story missions with intense challenges spanning across various locales from Tokyo to Venice
  • New Spec-Ops missions for a “real” FPS adrenaline rush
  • Console-like graphics, musical score and voice performances
High-powered multiplayer
  • Squad vs. Squad matches
  • Coordinate (or talk dirt) to other players in Global and Squad Chat
  • Leaderboards for Individual and Squad
  • Win rewards in the limited-time events
Unified game progression
  • Gain XP and level up by playing both single-player missions and/or multiplayer matches
  • Higher-tier weapons can be unlocked by mastering lower-tier ones
  • Customize weapons using a variety of attachments and jump straight into a game
You can download the Game from the Link below.
Modern Combat 5: BlackoutGameloft