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Motorola Maybe Working on a Nexus smartphone with 5.9-inch screen called ‘Shamu’

It seems that Motorola is quietly working on some new devices. After Motorola X+1 and Moto G2, today, we have Motorola Shamu, the next Nexus device, which is reportedly in development along with Google.
Motorola has codenamed it as Shamu and it may be the next upcoming Nexus Device. Well, nothing is confirmed for now it’s just a rumor from somes previously noted information by guys over Android Police.Also, There’s also the fact that its codename is Shamu – Google’s Nexus devices typically have codenames in reference to seafaring critters, from tilapia to maguro (sushi tuna) to hammerhead.
Further talking about the device, it is targeted for the U.S. market and other markets where Nexus devices are available. Spec-wise it is expected to be packed with 5.9″ display with unknown details, fingerprint sensor will also be there.
As according to the source it is due for launch in November, as expected.